Silk Kessa Face Mitt

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Our face mitt is designed for exfoliating your face the right way. Our 100% Turkish raw silk mitt offers natural face exfoliation to leave your skin silky smooth. Our face mitt is small in size. It’s designed for an easy face exfoliating experience. Our gentle exfoliating mitt improves acne, dry skin, scarring and blood circulation while providing a reusable, eco-friendly method to facial exfoliation. For hygiene purposes, we do not recommend using the body mitt on your face.

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  • 100% Turkish raw silk
  • Made in Turkey
  • Designed and packed in Singapore


WASH – Cleanse your face from make up with oil cleanser or cleansing balm followed by a gentle face cleanser.  Soften skin under warm running water in the shower for 1-3 mins or apply a warm damp towel on the face and leave on for at least 2 mins.  This will open pores and prepare skin for easier exfoliation.  The longer the skin softens under the water, the easier it is to exfoliate and renew skin. 

EXFOLIATE – For the first time use ,  wet mitt under hot water and squeeze out the excess water.  Place your hand in the mitt and use GENTLE circular and upward motion on your face for about 30 secs – 1 min. Concentrating on areas of Congestions, i.e. forehead, nose and chin, avoid eye areas.

You may not see a peeling effect on your face as your body. If you do not experience visible peeling, please know that the mitt works effectively, removing the dead skin cells and it is exfoliating your skin.  DO NOT OVER EXFOLIATE as it will harm your skin and always pull the skin upwards to encourage further skin toning.

REFRESH – Wash face and neck with cool water to close off pores.  Apply an ice pack or a cool, damp towel on the face for invigoration.  Proceed with your favourite skin care routine.

  • Wash the mitt with hot water before use
  • Do not use oils, soap or bubbles prior to exfoliation.
  • Exfoliate gently yet firmly to avoid irritation and redness
  • DO NOT OVER EXFOLIATE as it will harm your skin
  • Always pull the skin upwards to encourage further skin toning.
  • Most people do see visible peeling. Skin peeling depends on skin type, and visible peeling results may vary as everyone’s skin is different; it is dependant on how much dead skin or tan they have on their body.
  • Your skin will be exfoliated regardless if visible peeling occurs.
  • Can be used by adult and children.
  • Stay away from the sensitive areas around the eyes, and avoid any inflammation, active acne or wounds.
  • If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  • Thoroughly rinse with hot water.
  • Use only natural/gentle soap to clean the mitt.
  • Place in a clean, dry place to air and dry out.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Use once to twice a week. For sensitive skin, we recommend exfoliating once a week to ensure you do not strip all your natural body oils or dehydrate the skin.
  • Personal use only. Do not share.
  • We  recommend replacing the mitt every 16 weeks for hygiene purposes.

2 reviews for Silk Kessa Face Mitt

    Irfan Zain
    September 27, 2022
    I noticed that the skin around my face was getting dry and a little patchy. I’m not used to using products for my face, especially since im in my 40s and a guy, but i decided to give the silk kessa face mitts a try cause im not getting any younger. The mitts fit a little small around my fingers, but other than that, they work great. I could feel my skin getting smoother and less patchy after exfoliating regularly for three weeks. I do love the fact that i dont have to keep buying a new product every other month and that they’re travel-friendly cause i spend a lot of time travelling for work.
    March 12, 2022
    The face mitt is so good that I'm getting more for my friends to try and experience what this amazing product will do to their face after just one scrub! I also find it magical that it does not require additional application of facial oil but just the mitt doing its' wonders ♥

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